24 foot (nominal) deep Vee hull

               200 hp Volvo 280 outdrive powered

               Canard configuration

               Boat weight  5140 lbs.

               Foil spans within the boat's beam  (8')

               Hydraulic retraction of bow and stern foils  (trailerable)

               Manual hydraulic bow strut steering

               Rear foil loading 577 lbs/sq ft

               Bow foil loading 619 lbs/sq ft

               Hydrofoil Materials:

                 Bow strut - cast Al (5000 series)

                 Aft center strut  -  galvanized steel

                 Bow foil  - Epoxy infused Carbon Fiber

                 Side struts - Epoxy infused Carbon Fiber

                 Aft foil - Epoxy infused Carbon Fiber


   Control system - Digital

              Computer– SBC0489  and TS9700 ADC board

                    Using 16 channels ADC, 3 channels DAC

                    Update 75 Hz

             Software -  C++ 1500 source lines

             Display – 10.4" 1000nit LCD

             Sensors -  Inclinometer ADXL203, Roll rate gyro ADXRS624,

                    Pitch ADXL203, Pitch rate gyro ADXRS624, , Yaw rate gyro ADXRS624

                    Vertical accelerometer ADXL203, 2 - Roll accelerometers ADXL203,

                    2-Senix Toughsonic 14 ultrasonic height sensors,

                    Position sensors for rudder and aft flaps, RPM sensor, Speed sensor

            Height – Hydraulic actuator articulating bow foil angle of attack

            Roll - Hydraulic actuators articulating flaps on rear foil

            Hydraulic control -  3 Rexroth 4WRPEH high performance proportional valves



           Cruise typically at 25 knots, 37 knots at WOT

           Take off speed about 18 knots

           Have negotiated 5' steep, short waves

           Design intended to handle up to short length 3' waves



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